Aaron rodgers and ryan braun dating ending dating before relationship

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You know what's even more important than all of that?

However, the two male athletes we know were outed - football players Greg Congdon and Jamie Kuntz - were both removed from their teams and suffered.

Outing is damaging; Convincing someone to come out publicly (which we have done many times) can be powerful.

If Rodgers is closeted, and the secret he's held all of his life has suddenly been plastered across the Internet against his wishes, when he's not ready, before the biggest game of the year and one of the biggest games of his career - who the hell does that help? Some of those athletes have begun to recognize the changing atmosphere in sports.

They've started to think they could dip a toe in the water, maybe try to date someone on the sly, maybe confide in a couple people that they are gay.

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