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I hope so but I know I’ve got a schedule and I’m going to be really busy.

Do you ever feel like you’re under pressure to juggle everything and prove yourself?

I think I felt like that when I was filming Ordinary Lies.

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Now, there are 4 things that men must seek to do if they want to satisfy their wives sexually: 1.

Playfulness or foreplay: Most men will try and hurry this stage because they may feel inpatient but research shows that this is the most enjoyable aspect of love making for a woman.

So I felt under pressure with that, but then it was so well received by the public it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I worked in shops when I was younger and I’d look at the posters and be like: ‘Wow!

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What home comforts do you most miss and what’s the first thing you both do when you get back home?

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