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There is nothing to say an older man might be less compatible with food, coffee or music tastes than their younger counterparts.There are men young and old that love nothing better than a walk in the countryside. There are just some things that older men are better at.Facebook image: Dmytro Zinkevych/Shutterstock[i]https:// The dating game is always a tough one, but is it differen’t when you’re dating an older man? Finding someone who really ‘gets’ you and understands you isn’t easy. Anyone who’s been in a long term relationship will tell you that it’s not always chocolates and roses. In unmarried couples, this figure was over 850 thousand. According to a study by Zoosk, online daters in 2017 were 9% more likely to consider dating someone with a 10-year age gap than they were in 2016.

We remember famous Hollywood pairings like Demi Moore and her 16-years-younger husband Aston Kutcher.

Dating an older man will likely look different from dating someone your own age.

Depending on the age gap, there are things to be aware of when it comes to dates.

Some conveyed that the attention of an older woman boosted their own level of confidence and self-esteem. Yes..younger men, like older my age seem like grumpy Grandpa's.

Others recognized that older women have more life experience, emotionally stability, grounding, and can offer both honesty and different perspectives. Older men can get grumpy and negative, that's their only problem.

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  1. “Our future.” Beginnings of relationships serve us well. We connect with hope, we trust the other person, we form a partnership. He is not perfect, he is far from ideal, he may or may not be “right” for you. The stronger the physical chemistry, the more addictive the sex, the higher the pedestal. I’m a champion daydreamer, but I’ve learned to be careful to overindulge in ruminations, fantasies or unrealistic projections of any kind, especially in the early stages of infatuation. If this emotional connection is only felt by the woman, turmoil is inevitable. Whether in a relationship or not, solitude is a fact of life. But, at the end of the day, the truth is: we are alone, whether we are “single” or coupled. If we’re lucky, we find a relationship that promotes mutual growth and lasts beyond the first date.

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