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Also, males tend to partner up with women who are much younger than they are because of the high prospects of fecundity, and they can also remain fertile for a longer period of time than women do.

I was dating, seeing people, hooking up with others, but yet I wasn’t in a relationship of the stereotypical sense. Whilst some wish to reclaim the word “single” as a positive, I wanted a new label that was more of a representation of what actual women were doing in the dating world.“What’s wrong with her, is she is being too needy, is she being too desperate, is she partying too much, is she scaring the men away somehow?” It was as though there was something wrong with me because I was single.I hated those looks when someone would ask me if I was in a relationship and I would reply, “I’m single.” It was as though I had a disease or something was wrong with me.And the following looks would allow me to see exactly what was going through their mind.

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