Always being rejected dating

Some of my female friends have virtually never been single.

The moment they are, a new great guy scoops them up. They date around, they’re wanted by many, and if anyone’s rejecting anyone, it’s them rejecting the men – rarely the other way around.

Their pattern seems to be that even if they do land a man, he’ll lose interest quickly.

Some of the women reading this article are guilty of ignoring the men who are interested in them, and instead going after the men who don’t seem to be that interested. They know they’ll likely get turned down since the men they’re pursuing aren’t showing any signs of approval or interest towards them, but since rejection is what they know, they’re okay with it.If this sounds like you, keep reading, because the solution to end this pattern of rejection might be simpler than you think.Here are 6 reasons why you’re always rejected by the men you’re interested in and what you can do about it: In other words, you’re not putting yourself out there enough – not by a mile.If you’re used to being rejected and disregarded, you might unconsciously seek out rejection because it’s what you’re familiar with.If you’re seeking rejection without realizing it, you could have a psychological attachment to rejection.

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