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Because of secrecy regarding the plot, Hannigan can reveal only that the movie takes place the summer after the teens first year at college.And my character is now working at band camp, she giggles. C., where her parents, who divorced when she was an infant, were both photographers.Its always been a part of my environment and my life.Growing up, my moms best friend was -- well, he still is -- gay.I met her long before Buffy, and the first thing I remember thinking was that she had a great laugh.Willows self-discovery was initially hinted at when Willow and Tara worked some magic together that seemed like a little more than witchcraft.Her smile is warm and natural, and she has a down-to-earth presence that eludes some actors who have starred in hit television shows (shes been on Buffy since its debut in March 1997) and movies (shes in this months American Pie 2). He mentioned I was going to have a new friend, and she was going to be my friend, she wasnt going to be the groups friend. The show, based on Whedons flop 1992 movie of the same name, centers around the Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar), whose job is to protect innocents (i.e., us human folk) from the likes of vampires, demons, and all-around shady characters.

She was just spotted on Mother's day with her daughter.

While the shows characters were accepting of their friends sexuality, fans werent necessarily eager to embrace the new Willow.

I think there may have been a little bit of shock at first, maybe even some animosity, reveals E! Many fans were just disappointed that Willows boyfriend Oz [Seth Green] had left the show.

Online TV expert Wanda, whose weekly chat and column get more than 2 million hits a month. The biggest problem was that people loved Seth so much, Whedon points out. And getting people into a new character is difficult. We do have a bunch of people saying weve changed their lives, says Whedon, who has said in the past that he didnt want to make Buffy an issue show. But I wasnt there saying, I want to help gay teenagers be comfortable with themselves.

There was at first this giant bunch of people on the Net going, I will never watch this show again. But over the months, fans of the show have warmed to Tara and her relationship with Willow. We talked about the idea of college as being a place where people expand their sexuality or discover their sexuality.

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