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There are only a few isolated instances when an annulment is allowed under North Carolina Law.If you marry someone who is “nearer in kin than first cousins, or between double first cousins” then you may qualify for an annulment in North Carolina.The answer to both of these questions is a resounding “No”.(However, there can be exceptions to number 2 when one party is impotent).If either spouse was over 18, but not yet 21, and got married without parental consent, the marriage can be annulled if the parties no longer lived together as husband and wife once the spouse turned 21.Articles 35 to 38 set the conditions that void an existing marriage.If a party to the marriage is “at the time incapable of contracting from want of will or understanding” than the marriage may be subject to annulment.

If you enter into a bigamous marriage, you don’t technically need to get annulled, although it may be a good idea – just to save you heartache and potential confusion from a future spouse later on.However, to get the annulment, you must separate within 45 days after the marriage and remain separated for one full year before applying for the annulment.However, if a child is born to your wife within 10 months after the date of separation, then you would not qualify for an annulment – but you may qualify for an absolute divorce. A voidable marriage is different from a “void” marriage.The spouse must file within five years of the qualifying event, and the court can deny the petition for various reasons, including evidence the filing spouse consented to the qualifying event.Article 45 of Philippine family law establishes the allowable grounds for annulment.

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