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You both have full lives, then come together voluntarily, to unwind, grow and have fun. Of course, this can only happen once the free-spirited Aquarius man actually decides he’s ready for a relationship.When you’re from another planet, bonding with humans can be hard, after all. The Aquarius man doesn’t want to be tied to one woman until he’s sampled the whole panacea of options.However, in his mid- to late 30s, the Aquarius man may finally decide to reckon with those demons known as feelings.He might plunge into a philosophical movement or a spiritual modality to explore his emotions safely, in an almost scientific way. —that are so foreign to him otherwise.)Once he learns how to process his emotions, this humanitarian sign wants to share what he’s learned on his quest.As Gary says, “My problem is I think too much, break down and analyze everything.

If he is a true Aquarius, he soon grows to appreciate her unpredictability and loves her even more.

If he has a strong Capricorn component he may try to control her, but that is a losing battle.

An Aries girl has no trouble breaking off a relationship if it doesn't work for her.

How does it work out when an Aquarius man loves a self-willed, fiery Aries woman?

You'll never find a friendlier, more charming guy than Aquarius.

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