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While the debate raged about whether it was an asteroid or a comet, with some even suggesting it could be an extra-terrestrial solar sail.In the end, all that could be said definitively was that ‘Oumuamua was an interstellar object the likes of which astronomers had never before seen.This comes just a month after the first successful hop test and brings the company one step closer to tests using their full-scale prototype.

For this test, the prototype test vehicle took off from the Boca Chica test facility, ascended to an altitude of 150 m (~500 ft) and then landed again safely.

Continue reading When searching for potentially habitable exoplanets, scientists are forced to take the low-hanging fruit approach.

Since Earth is the only planet we know of that is capable of supporting life, this search basically comes down to looking for planets that are “Earth-like”.

The volatile content acquired upon formation crucially influences the long-term fate of rocky planets.

New numerical models suggest a systematic offset in their accreted water budgets, depending on the planetary system’s primordial enrichment of Aluminium-26.

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