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American immigration is not as simple as finding a wealthy internet benefactor and coasting into marriage and citizenship after President Trump’s promised “deportation force” leaves town.

Just ask Melania Trump, whose complicated immigration saga reveals the hurdles even an allegedly wealthy man’s wife must clear to obtain a green card.

Where a run-in with police could mean jail time for legal U. residents, undocumented sex workers also face deportation.“I am appalled that those who already came here 'illegally' are being advised to marry to stay,” the woman said Sunday. ”To a growing group of pro-Trump, anti-sex work Austinites, the billboard suggests their worst fears: that immigrants are coming to destroy the neighborhood’s decency.“So, it’s confirmed: liberals trying to show up Donald Trump are racist, sexist hypocrites, who are just fine with undermining the rule of law by urging women to find sugar daddies so they can get around it,” the conservative blog Liberty Unyielding wrote.“Nobody on the left really cares, unless Trump himself gets caught saying something like this.“Arrangement skews heavily towards Hispanic women, with that demo making up over 31% of all the females on our site nationally and over 53% in Austin.”The billboard, set across a Mexican flag, was not intended to be racist, the company said.But the towering advertisement glosses over the real challenges facing undocumented immigrants -- particularly those involved in sex work.

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But Arrangement Finders’ new ad campaign, which features a Latina woman in front of a Mexican flag, pushes even further. ” the billboard, located on a South Austin highway asks.

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