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Emilie Morris turned on the digital recorder wedged into her sports bra.

Had the system worked, what would the rest of Emilie’s life have looked like?

That’s what Emilie’s mother, Joan Morris, and sister, Andrea, have been wondering.

CREA will send the Respondent a copy of the charge document, as well as a request for information and a written response to the charge.Once you have filed a charge, CREA will assign your case to an investigator, who will contact you to discuss your complaint and answer any questions you may have.Before you meet with your investigator for the first time, note the details of what happened to you, including the dates, times, and who was present or involved.Wilder was charged with six counts of statutory sodomy, each one punishable by up to seven years in prison.Before the charges came, though — before she even gave police the recording — Emilie drove to her parents’ suburban home and wept. At age 33, she’d pulled herself from a thicket of self-loathing and depression, bulimia and alcoholism, to come forward and report Wilder. Wilder had been arrested once before, based on an allegation of sexual contact with another student, though he evaded charges due to lack of evidence.

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As the Charging Party, you must prove that illegal discrimination has taken place.

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