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Most punk bands cited the same bands at the forefront of the Influence Invasion; Roxy Music, Iggy, Sparks, Bowie, Alex Harvey, The Dolls, The Velvets, Bolan, Slade. But those who lived through the mid-70's know better.

Students and Social Secretaries were in on the act too - the booking of The Doctors Of Madness one week and The Damned the next didn't faze them. The problem with history, of course, is that there's always a pre-history.

There were very few bands that succeeded in lasting the pace. Some suggest The Jam and The Stranglers, but many argue (rightly) that they would have shone in any era.

My favourites were The Damned, once they had disposed of the witless Brian James and moved Captain “Guitar Hero” Sensible to the six strings.

Bop’s drummer, Alan Cornforth, is almost as obsessed with trivia as I, and I was delighted to be granted permission to trawl his tape and document archive, the latter of which proved invaluable, especially the set lists and lyrics.

The enthusiasm of John Esplen of Overground made sure that ‘Top Of The Bops’ became a reality, and I will be eternally grateful.

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