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“All these Lil’ rappers, I’m just kind of getting real irritated by it. He is the one who has been in this music industry since at age six.Moreover, he has his own clothing line which added to his net worth.Deb, Lil Mama, Shaniah Mauldin, Ayana Fite, Jhonni Blaze, and Maskika Kalysha.

Here’s what you need to know about Bow Wow’s complicated dating history…. While Kiyami reported Moss hit her in the head, pulled her hair and dragged her to another room, he alleged that “she became aggressive and grabbed a night-stand lamp and threw it at him,” but it missed., and the third season premieres on WEtv on June 13.Others joining him on the series is his then girlfriend, Kiyomi Leslie neé Leslie Holden, along with Da Brat, Ms. yea bowwow pays rappers to write is stuff but bowwow ain't the only who doesnt writes his own music but I never heard of bowwow ever writing a song a it becoming a hit song so ever song he ever put out was produced by Jermaine dupri or other famous ppl only thing I could remember bowwow writing a rap is when he was in the remix to lean wit rock with it with the… Soulja boy is way cooler then bowwow because all bowwow does is brag and hate on ppl and i think this because why when soulja boy wrote marco polo for bowwow.........bowwow turned on him and started disin him and not only that bowwow steals from underground rappers hey know this u suck soulja boy rocks!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sometimes I think common sense should tell a man how to act towards his woman, but then I remember we have different views, I just basically would like to know why he can't/ or won't diverge away from his traditions for just a while (relationship wise), because I consider myself to be feminist, yet I've sacrificed some of that pride and cooked a few meals, cleaned up a bit, and done so without griping or complaining, wonder if he'd do the same, You will definitely expect different things like behaviours and understanding of opinions.

  2. Tip #1 – Enlist your spouse, I guarantee they’ll be on board with this date night for two! All kinds of board games, but especially board games. Anyway, when I told him about this fun bedroom board game idea he was all over it! And the super neat thing is, every time you play you can change it up because YOU are in charge!