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There are many reasons why candlelight vigils are organized, including: The main point of a candlelight vigil is to provide a quiet and comfortable setting where groups of people can meet, support each other, and spread a message.

In Japan, candles were made of wax extracted from tree nuts, while in India, candle wax was made by boiling the fruit of the cinnamon tree.

This person will address the crowd, and introduce any other speakers who will be on hand.

Depending on the reason for the candlelight vigil, speakers could provide: In addition to speeches and readings, music can be used during the vigil, either recorded or performed live.

Make sure it will be dark enough for all of the candles to have an impact, but not too late at night that participants of all ages would have trouble attending.

To keep things running smoothly, someone should be designated the main speaker or master of ceremonies.

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