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Like most of them she has very clear and totally unrealistic ideas about what she wants in a partner, vastly overrating the power of her fame to compensate for what is otherwise an almost total lack of anything to offer.

For the first few shows her distaste at not being offered a hot billionaire was written all over her face.

It's certainly come to a head over the past few days as the internet buzzes over the fact that model Gigi Hadid is now not only Instagram mutuals with season 15 contestant Tyler Cameron, but reportedly hung out with him over the weekend.Though, Hadid certainly wouldn't be the first celeb to show some flirtation with a someone from ABC's reality mega-franchise. One of the charms of watching escapist reality television, especially of the competition variety, is imagining how you might navigate the show as a contestant your show.People who have never touched a needle and thread in their life watch knows not only exactly what their drag name and opening entrance line would be, but also dreams up their own fantasy runway wardrobe.The This one might have just been concocted in the newsroom of tabloids, but apparently back in 2011 Hewitt and Flajnik, then fresh off competing on the Bachelorette were spotted on a date that seemed to be going well.Hewitt however later clarified that the meeting was totally a coincidence, and not a date. Flajnik was now (no, the word "The" was for some reason not included in the title).

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We're giving you the scoop on Amy's new guy — plus, find out which other funny guests stepped out to support Mel!

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