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The day-to-day challenges of the workplace are likely to increase as an employed individual with CP reaches middle age.Some individuals will be able to continue working with accommodations such as an adjusted work schedule, assistive equipment, or frequent rest periods.Adults have higher than normal rates of other medical conditions secondary to their cerebral palsy, such as hypertension, incontinence, bladder dysfunction, and swallowing difficulties.Scoliosis is likely to progress after puberty, when bones have matured into their final shape and size.Cerebral palsy (CP) is caused by abnormal development of the brain or damage to the developing brain that affects a child’s ability to control his or her muscles.There are several possible causes of the abnormal development or damage.

You can expect to see progress in the patient’s muscle strength and spasticity, as well as cognitive, concentration and focus with a possibility of a decrease in seizures.

Musculoskeletal abnormalities that may not produce discomfort during childhood can cause pain in adulthood.

For example, the abnormal relationships between joint surfaces and excessive joint compression can lead to the early development of painful osteoarthritis and degenerative arthritis.

The goal of the NDIS is to provide you with the resources you need now, so you can build your capacity and independence for the future.

The NDIS is managed by an organisation called the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

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