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Think of Chat Ville as your virtual nightclub where the party never stops, and the people you meet will keep you coming back for more again and again.Introduction: A substantial part of this story is based on factual information, true events in my life or from anecdotal accounts.

Some widows and divorcees were available in my family and social circle, but I hesitated to make a pass at any of them, lest I be accused of being a dirty old man, which I am. My manly weapon is just modest in size but women told me it was just the right size for their mouths.Tom said that rumors were floating around that the people at a fairly new senior citizens residence were pretty frisky so I applied there.I had substantial savings and no nearby family so I could well afford to pay the high buy-in fee and the steep monthly costs, which did include two meals a day and medical facilities and treatment if required.There are few obese males or females and everyone is generally well-groomed.One must bear in mind that these people are almost all over 60, which means tits sag.

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