Child dating gay parent

Promise him that you will not disown him, reject him, throw him out, or cut him off.

First of all, I’d say to any parent in this situation, to be thankful that your son (or daughter) told you; that he felt your relationship was strong enough and safe enough for this major disclosure.

Is it somehow inconceivable that there are some in our churches who have struggled with homosexual desire and have fallen into sin in this area? If our message is only guilt, without a hint of grace, then yes, we may well be causing little ones to stumble into depression, despair, and even suicide.

Where I do disagree with Rachel, is her refusal to accept that hell and judgment are any part of the Christian message about sin, including homosexual sin.

I would want her to know that she isn’t broken, she isn’t an embarrassment, she isn’t a disappointment.

May I be part of creating a world in which I will not have to protect her from the bullies.

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And amazingly, at the same time that the penalty of my sin became true to me, so did the preciousness of the cross.

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