Christian views on jewish dating

But Pew actually backs up some of the statistics on Christianity.

It found that a third of all respondents had a Christmas tree at home, and 34 percent said belief in Jesus as the Messiah was compatible with being Jewish.

And the survey found that one-third of Jewish millennials believe “God desires a personal relationship with us.”Some of the findings depart from the Pew study of four years ago.

“This was a generation that was spiritual, that is willing to engage in the subject of whether or not Jesus might be the Messiah.But, regarding Barna, the polling firm, Kelman said: “They were good social scientists with skin in the game.Most people who fund research on American Jews also come with an agenda, and I’ve been in this world long enough to know that the people who fund that research don’t interfere. Nearly 40 percent self-define as liberal and 24 percent as conservative.And only 4 percent would refrain from a serious relationship with a non-Jew, though 70 percent are committed to raising their children as Jewish.

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