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I suggest asking them for a game on the pool tables. This is a very unique bar and it is not to everybody’s tastes.

However, I think you will love the live music that plays here every night.

In my opinion, there is no better place to pick up women than in the heart of Jacksonville, FL.

Let’s take a little look at some of the prime destinations here shall we?

So you're not a wine connoisseur and dining out can get kind of pricey.... Come on out and join us for cocktails, drafts, and appetizers at the end of your busy day.

We will meet several times a month at different locations around the city for "HAPPY HOUR" and occasionally for other social activities, ranging from baseball games, live music, dancing, to whatever your organizers want to host for you. We're a fun and laid-back group, it doesn't matter if you're young or old, single or a couple, purple or green, or show up early or late, just come and get happy.

You can always find members of the group wearing the beads shown in the main photo during events (look on wrists or around our necks) so that's how you know you're "home".

There are plenty of options to socialize with them too which will give them the opportunity to open up. Well, you are in luck, there are some women looking or a crazy guy in the Underbelly.Players Grille Miramar This is a sports bar with all the top sports being shown.If you are after a girl that is into sports then this is THE place to head within Jacksonville, FL.Dos Gatos This place is often quoted as one of the best single bars in the city. It is a rather sophisticated bar which attracts some high end women.If you love cocktails then this is the place to be. Grab some alcohol and talk to the ladies about your drink. The Rogue This is a unique bar when it comes to shape. It can be difficult to talk to people later on in the evening, but get to ‘The Rogue’ early on in the night and you will have the pick of some rather scrumptious people.

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