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Dead body it is." Castle"Yin needs Yang, not another Yin. Yin-Yin is a name for a panda." Castle"I'm just saying whoever killed her also murded the English language." Castle"I sometimes forget I'm not actually a cop." Castle "I don't." Beckett"Here I was looking for evidence and all I had to do was make something up." Beckett"You have the right to remain silent..shut the * up." Beckett"Shut the front door! )"Mom and Dad are fighting." Esposito "Who's winning?

" Ryan"Actually, I don't drink coffee, but would it kill you to bring me a bear claw? " Lanie to Caskett (Caskett speaking in unison)"Honey, just because you can't see what's going on doesn't mean everyone else can't see what's going on! It has become a multi-chapter story exploring how decisions have a ripple effect, whether we realize it at the time or not.

In case you haven't guessed yet, I am a Caskett shipper.

:) And it gives me an outlet for one of my favorite hobbies-analyzing the development of the Caskett relationship.Packer, Molly Landon Photo, Red Mango, Prime Student, 13 Worst Marriage Proposal Fails Ever Recorded on Video! I had a fun idea last week: ask some fellow bloggers for their favorite YA or romance books and I would pick some songs to go with those books.I am a loving, romantic, determined, adventurous, discreet, quiet, intelligent, charismatic, funny, nice, simple, good character and great personality About music: I love music romantic, 80´s, Witney Histon, Phil Collins, A-ha, The Cramberies, Michel Boton, Bryan Adams, Seal, Chris De Burgh. Tiago Iorc, Jazon Mraz, Marrom 5, Michael Bubble, Coldplay, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Colbie Cailat, Laura Pausini. Brasileiras: Djavan, Jorge Vercilo, Guilherme Arantes, Zé Ramalho, Fagner, Alceu Valença, Adriana Calcanhoto, etc... Latinos: Luis Miguel, Maná, Juanes, e agora estou amando tmb alguns Reggaeton.

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I'm actually glad I didn't get into the show before then-this last summer after the season 3 finale was bad enough.

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  1. That’s what we were in this trailer talking about [before this interview]: Where does this go? I talked to Maria [who was hysterical over not getting to say anything to Bret well after the lights had gone down]. I think that I absolutely made the right choice with Taya. I didn’t know she was having all those emotional love moments.