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For instance, if you’re a tall person, your brain shows you a tall person when you look at your own dating profile.

It doesn’t even occur to you that your pics might be making you look shorter than you are.

Cameras make distortions if the lighting isn’t just right, because they lack the capability of interpreting uneven lighting and shadows.

And there’s lots more distortions where that came from.

Pictures all-too-easily fail to capture the depth of our humanity.

Everyone wants to date someone who likes themselves, but no one wants to date the person who is in love with themselves.

Having enough confidence to state what you believe in and what you want is a good thing.

But alienating people because you’re being too forward is not.

And, when we view other people’s profiles, we think we’re getting a clear picture of who they are. The truth is that the profile format plays into our irrational tendency to extrapolate a great deal from small bits of information.

In particular, when we’re looking at our own dating profile, we subconsciously fill in tons of details that a stranger wouldn’t be able to.

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