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Flexural tests measure a combination of three types of stress – compressive, tensile and shear. Center-point load tests (ASTM C293) concentrates stress at the sample’s center point, while three-point load tests (ASTM C78) apply force uniformly to the middle one-third of the specimen.

Center-point load tests typically show results 10 to 15 percent higher than three-point test results.

Pressure is released into the base by an external, brass, quick-release T-valve.

Slump Test Equipment -- The concrete slump test measures the consistency, or workability, of fresh concrete in accordance with ASTM C143 and ASTM C143M.

HCM-0030 Compression Machine, 30,000lbs (133.5k N) – Suitable for cylinders, cubes, beams and cores of standard strength concrete mixes.

HCM-1000 Compression Machine, 100,000lbs – Based on 2500 frame, configured for use with lower strength materials.

The H-2786C Concrete Air Meter features a simplified, low-maintenance design, which uses no moving parts inside the chamber.A slump cone or Abrams cone is filled with fresh concrete.When the cone is lifted from the concrete, the distance between the top of the cone and the top of the subsided concrete is known as the slump.The H-3637 Standard Slump Cone Set provides the basic test components, including slump cone, base plate and tamping rod, in an easy-carry configuration.The H-3635 Deluxe Slump Cone Set includes the Standard Cone Set plus a brush, scoop and funnel to aid in filling the slump cone.

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Maturity Meters -- Concrete maturity testing assesses compressive strength, supporting ASTM C107.

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