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We talked about Halloween costumes, and I asked her if I should be a doctor or a nurse.“Definitely nurse! I smirked at her movements in that tight black dress, knowing quite well she could pounce at any moment.

Her name was Juliana and she was one hell of a woman.

I peddled my bicycle up river on safari, in search of cougars. Her accent confused me.“Doo yoo have a cigarette for me?

From an earlier incident there involving a broken down car and a cougar cornering me in a gas station, I came to the conclusion that crossing the Golden Gate Bridge meant danger. About five minutes into the conversation, the drunken brunette dropped a wine glass, causing a commotion that swayed the more interested one away from me. But as I got closer, it became clear that she was indeed a cougar.He scanned my outfit, sensing that I might be a barbarian from yonder who’d crossed the great mountains of Pacific Heights to cause a ruckus and fornicate with his kind in the Marina. She wrote it down, saying she would look me up since I promised her I would join the site.“You are a sexy guy. ” And with that, she walked over to some suits who instantly surrounded her. It always surprises me how these business-types rope girls in, with money-laced small talk and poor fashion taste.By the time I found her at the bar, she was talking with someone.“Got two.”I placed the smokes down on the bar top and told her to come outside. She was pre-occupied and I didn’t have a boat to take her sailing on.Fierce, wild and sex-starved, with the brute strength to rip a young boy to shreds, she stalks the night air — crazed, prowling across The City of Saint Frances.It’s a prime opportunity for a guy on this peninsula to be preyed upon by rich, older women, yearning for fresh meat.

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