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Besides Just Being Honest, Ferguson has busied himself with a few guest-starring roles and a regular gig hosting the game show Celebrity Name Game, a job he cops to taking for, arguably, the right reasons: It’s easy, it’s fun, and it pays well. “So I said I’ll do it for two years, but then did it for 10.”It’s almost confusing to hear Ferguson talk about how much he felt he didn’t fit in in late-night, given the accolades he received while doing it.

Season 2 premieres in syndication September 21, and he’s already shot over 250 episodes.“There’s no reinventing the wheel here, but I have a good time doing it,” he says. “But the key to it is this: I don’t feel settled into anything. The Peabody-winning interview with Desmond Tutu is iconic late-night television.

“It’s a hell of a story, and I’d say about 90 percent true,” Ferguson says.

If that’s the case, it’s about 10 percent less honest than most of what we’ve come to expect from the star, who has made a career out of unexpected candor, authenticity, and a punk rock mandate to do the kind of comedy that he wants to do, traditions and decorum be damned.

comedy competition, the final of which is hosted by the Gilded Balloon venue during the Edinburgh Fringe.

” “That was really stupid,” Ferguson laughs, recalling the episode.He was the youngest comedian to perform a solo season in London's West End, at the age of 19; he tours widely internationally; signed a DVD deal with BBC Worldwide's 2Entertain label at aged 20; and has appeared on networked US television programmes including multiple appearances on Conan Sloss was born in Kingston upon Thames and moved with his family to Fife in Scotland at the age of four.He attended East Wemyss Primary School and secondary school at Waid Academy in Anstruther.Tune in on any given night of his Late Late Show tenure—on which you might have seen, say, a gay robot skeleton sidekick named Geoff dancing along with Ferguson and a pantomime horse—and you got a sense of his madcap rebel streak.Rewatch his poignant 2007 monologue recounting his history of alcoholism and journey to sobriety, which culminates in a pledge not to ridicule Britney Spears at the height of her shaved-head meltdown. It’s easy and fun and I make a little money.”No, “forever” is reserved for stand-up.

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“I wish I hadn’t done that.”The former host of The Late Late Show and I are speaking in advance of the premiere of his new comedy special Just Being Honest, which airs Thursday night on EPIX and is his first major coming out since vacating his CBS late-night show last December after 10 years.

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