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Although I know many extroverted Finnish people they are probably only a 1% or 2 % of the Finnish population.

I have been planning this video for at least 10 months and during that time I gave myself the task of asking my friends and any Finnish couples about their dating experiences, most of the Finnish couples I met, (and with this I refer to long time married couples and young couples too) had met in a bar or in a party, where for obvious reasons there was a presence of alcohol; what take us to the conclusion that in fact the majority of them just prefer to skip the dating part and go straight to the After I published the video several persons were kind enough to share their stories and thoughts about dating in Finland on my You Tube channel and these are some of my favorites : No.1 There is an old Finnish joke that can be boiled down to: A couple sitting in silence on their silver wedding anniversary.

Also, don’t expect them to tell you the story of their lives on a first date unless they really like you. Whether positive or negative, these ladies don’t hesitate to let you know what’s on their mind.

Your questions should revolve around her occupation, studies, and cultural things, so she doesn’t feel like she’s under investigation.2) . Furthermore, they don’t really do small talk, but they will still be polite during your first conversations with them..

My second love was when I was nineteen after my exchange, that lasted less than a year and my third and finally big love, hopefully last one is my dear and lovely Juha.

I never expected I would find love in this cold country, but it happened and now I am the happiest woman with the perfect man in the world for me.

Asking her out for a beer is always a good idea for a date, but don’t you dare to be late because that will send the wrong message, making her think that you don’t value her time.4) .Have you ever had something like this in your country? I hope you liked this post and let me know if I should make more videos and blogs like this one, so all of us can get to know this culture better and may be understand the other sex better as well. Finnish women (just like Nordic women generally), have a quite strong dislike of foreigners. Many beautiful curly-haired girls in those locations. They often find interest in me as a tall and White man.Regardless of how distant she may seem at first (see point one), once you’ve gotten a Finnish lady’s interest, you’ll meet her fun, outgoing side.These girls love to dance, party and drink whenever they get chance, and they probably know how to handle their liquor well, too.

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