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Ladies, before you get too excited let me tell you two things about those success stories: 1. I can only imagine the frustration and pain they constantly had to suffer as year after year flew by with nothing more to show for than some I love you’s and promises of impending engagement, as they watched their friends walk down the wedding aisle one by one. Can you handle that pain, day after day, for years? The women eventually gave their men a choice: marry me or lose me. They cut their guys off, cold turkey, no making up, getting back together, trying again.

Friends With Benefits (FWB) " data-medium-file=" w=786&resize=786,525&quality=95&strip=all&crop=1" data-large-file=" When we enter the playground, it’s like the Pink Ladies walking into Rydell High, but with a diaper bag and no sex appeal. Also, my oldest will murder anyone who bothers her younger siblings, because she is awesome. But at least each child is annoying in his or her own unique way, and small amounts of novelty can come from turning my attention from one to the other. And I have yet to meet someone with the same amount of kids as me or fewer who is fool enough to tell me how to parent when I have managed to keep three kids under five dressed and fed for over a year. Every time my daughters say they are each other’s best friends, or one of the girls calls my son “the best baby in the world,” one more of my gray hairs and extra fat cells is worth it. I know very few people with four or more kids, probably because they are doing laundry during all their waking hours. This is why I pushed three humans out of my only-child-who-likes-quiet- and-cleanliness uterus, and it is a heart melter. When he does, my world will open up to more potential partners—men who, admittedly, only want the woman and not her so-called baggage. Because as I see it, I have recently embarked on a grand adventure. A person can only spend so long applauding someone else’s success before becoming lost in it altogether. So, when a man doesn’t call me after he learns I am a single mom who has full physical custody of my children, or when a man tells me he doesn’t want to meet my children now or doesn’t think he should ever meet them, I take pause. Though I don’t specifically recall the conversation, during the throes of my divorce I apparently told her I a man. The correct word is “want.” I don’t need anything or anyone to make my life whole. But I find myself in a difficult position today, in limbo between my love and responsibility for my children and my desire to share my life with another adult.

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