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Here you’ll find some top dating tips for men on how to date women (if that’s what you’re into). With so many questions, it’s hard to focus on actually getting to know your date.If your date does bring up the subject, try to keep answers short (without appearing suspicious).Reassure her that your past is history and that you want to spend your time getting to know her instead.Or, whilst on the date, pick a subject that you’re enthusiastic about, such as a hobby.

Listening is important, as it shows that you are interested in what she has to say. On your first date, you don’t want to get into an in-depth conversation about why you don’t enjoy your job, or other issues you’ve been having.

Discuss your last date, where you went, what you did and what you talked about.

Everyone has different opinions, but it can help to give you some useful feedback on how to be better on your next date.

He takes your number and you tell him, with your best smile, “Call me sometime.” This is a recipe for disaster! “Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m at the gym until , so call me between 9 and 11.

Here’s why: Well-intentioned Johnny is dying to call you, but he thinks he better wait three days so he doesn’t seem overanxious. Or just give me a ring on Wednesday at 6 or 7.” Be a little flexible, but don’t just say, “Any time is fine.” The more you can nail it down, the better chance you have of making that phone call happen.

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