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Our fearless leader Chris, meanwhile, looks a guy who doesn’t need to be charming in order to attract women.

My first thought upon seeing him is that he easily could have been a member of 98 Degrees.

A handshake affords you maybe three seconds of closeness before she feels invaded.

But if you find a reason to be close to her – perhaps you want to get a better look at her earrings – you buy yourself a bit of time. ”“It’s a woman’s prerogative to break her own rules,” Chris responds, eliciting a few huh‘s and mmm‘s from the class.

This tidbit, like many from the seminar, rings true anecdotally. She blew past my handshake, opting instead for an enveloping hug. I guess we’re friends already.” Without even saying hello, she had jumped two steps on the chart.

Are you looking to have the perfect first convo, but always find yourself worried to make the move? Ask a casual question to put his nerves at ease—like “Do you think it’s okay if I parked in the driveway? If you don’t want a random make-out, wait until the morning to write back.” If he’s sending you that message in the wee hours of the morning, I’m sure a steamy make-out sesh is definitely not what he has in mind.7.

It was so fun to act like a kid: I picked out a monkey, and my guy got into choosing the clothes. “My date and I went to Burger King and ordered our meals. “At the end of the night, tease him with a juicy nugget of info.

The total came to 15 bucks, so I pulled out my wallet—only to find the receipt for headphones I’d bought earlier that day and forgotten about! (“Next time, remind me to tell you about my crazy spring break in Daytona.”) He’ll push you to spill, but wave him off and say, “Sorry—got to get inside!

If you walk up to a woman confidently, she sees your value. Which only increases demand.“But,” Chris laughs, “You can’t take your product off the market entirely.”Exactly. After his opening remarks, Chris shows us a flow chart: Stranger → Acquaintance → Friend → Intimate → Sexual The big question: how do you move from one category to the next?

“It’s all about prolonged physical contact,” Chris tells us.

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