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During the rooftop months, head outside to the terrace to break the ice with cornhole and ping-pong.

JOSHUA TREE: Joshua Tree is just as awful as The 13th Step, but actually manages to outdo it in bro-scene points thanks to its location in dreaded Murray Hill.

Start with food: Order the tableside chopped liver and onions, with schmaltz (of course), the house pickles and rye bread.

If the initial conversation goes well, kick it up a notch with a bottle of vodka frozen in ice. And if he or she happens to still be in your bed the next morning—and neither of you is looking for a quick escape—then the polite thing to do is to take them out to a proper brunch.

Upstairs, a DJ spins slick 30-second samples of Top 40 hits to a dance floor underpopulated by self-conscious bump-n-grinders.

Chalk your old student ID to access the open bar on Thursday’s College Night; if you’ve aged out (you have), Saturday’s “Pregame Special” extends the same sweet deal to wistful post-grads from 8-11 pm.

After a few frozen bourbon-spiked coffee drinks and bourbon ice teas, you and your paramour will be down to "get out of [t]here" and find a more private place to...connect.

Before you know it, you’ll be crushing a wine glass and dancing the hora. Skip your regular noontime haunts; this is an instance in which you want to go some place nobody knows your name.

A classy hotel bar like Reynard in Williamsburg's Wythe Hotel is the perfect pick.

Plus there are plenty of options for cheap beer and shot combos to loosen your lips.

For the Jewish set trying to find love online, Sammy’s Romanian Steakhouse is a classic institution and perfect for testing the waters.

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