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Collecting vintage cigarette packets is a guilt-free way to enjoy the smoking culture of the twentieth century.

like, he should be able to stop for a few hours without throwing a temper tantrum, right? like i don’t want to be cuddling and kissing someone who smells and tastes like an ashtray.

Former smoker here [F 25] - the “ball and chain” aspect of the addiction was something I always felt guilty about.

Smoking was a huge part of life in Britain, the US and Europe.

Well, all that lasted until the first big fight cause she needed a cigarette to calm down.I chalked much of that behavior up to me being a college-age immature asshole, and we tried to date again.He had his problems, and I had mine (and it wouldn’t have lasted the first time even if I really had been smoke free), but there was always the trust issue in the background.Woodbines were cheap cigarettes targeted at the working man. The intricate nineteenth century packet design remained current until the mid 1960s.When Wills changed the packaging, the public were having none of it and Woodbine sales continued to head south.

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About 6 months after quitting I got stuck in the tarmac on a plane for about 3.5 hours in a storm, after an already 4 hour flight, and I had the epiphany that even though it really sucked, I wasn't absolutely losing my shit because of it the way I would if I'd been counting on fat cigarette after getting off the plane.

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