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I 100% believe that these little dollars and rewards were responsible for my older two kids’ good behavior on our long trip to and home from Colorado. ” Another helpful thing I used from the Dating Divas were these little road trip countdown printouts.I laminated them (so I can use them again and again!I had candy, i Pad time (an hour for ), magic coloring pads, and a few other things.The Target One Spot is a great place to look for these.

Our kids like to have water in the car, and we drink a lot of water, too, so bringing our own and not having to buy a bunch of bottles of water every hundred miles was a life-saver.Growing up my dad used to hate road trips, and I get it now. To eat, to pee, to let our dog out, to pee again, to get more water, to change a diaper, you get the idea.So just expect it to happen and you won’t be as stressed when your child tells you they have to pee again twenty minutes after you left the last rest stop.One of the best ways to encourage good behavior in the car is to offer rewards.I printed off some little “Car Bucks” from the Dating Divas website (the link for the free download is near the bottom), laminated them, and kept them in a bag up front. They could save up their dollars and cash them in for different rewards.

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