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During this time the cable engineer, 21-year-old Philip Crookes, who had written letters home to his family throughout the voyage, was taken ill with yellow fever and died at Havana on 22 September 1867.Philip’s brother was William Crookes (later Sir William), the eminent scientist, and in memory of his brother he published a memorial book containing the text of all the letters.Use of the cable code words instead of spelling out the message in full reduced the cost of a cablegram, quite a money saver when cabling home from abroad. CYRUS FIELD Built 1924 by Chantiers et Ateliers de St. At the same time exclusive rights to operate a private landline between Punta Rassa and Lake City was also granted.At Lake City the line linked with Western Union’s network.Captain Scrymser left the company in 1875 and in the same year the company purchased CS Suffolk from the West Indian and Panama Telegraph Company renaming the vessel CS Professor Morse. Up until this time links between the two countries were by land line.In 1875 the ship was used to lay a cable between Punta Rassa - Sanibel Island - Key West to replace the 1868 one which had developed faults. The India Rubber, Gutta Percha and Telegraph Works Company were contracted to lay the 738 nm of cable between Galveston, Texas and Vera Cruz, Mexico, with a landing at Tampico, the work being carried out in 1881 using CS Dacia and CS International.The first Atlantic cable operated by the company was one leased from the American Telegraph and Cable Company, in 1881.This cable was manufactured by Siemens Brothers, who used CS Faraday (1) to lay the 2531 nm cable between Sennen Cove, Cornwall, and Canso, Nova Scotia.

A condition of this was that Western Union disposed of its international operations. Cable could also be stored on a drum mounted vertically on the deck, this was used as a capstan when picking up cable. Gross tonnage 1288 Built as a smaller version of CS Lord Kelvin, and used for cable repair work. Gross tonnage Equipped with a diesel engine and sail this small vessel was chartered from Thomson Enterprises of Key West by Western Union for many years on cable repair duties. VENOSTA Built 1917 by Cochrane & Son Ltd., Selby Length 135.3 ft. Depth 15.9 ft Gross tonnage 316 Chartered from the National Fish Company and fitted out with cable gear to repair cables off Newfoundland during the period April to September 1921. Scrymser applied to the Florida State Legislature for the rights to land a cable at Punta Rassa; this was granted for a period of twenty years. Smith applied to the Cuban Government for similar cable landing rights in Cuba; this was granted for a period of forty years.

A connecting cable was laid between North Sydney, Cape Breton and Colinet, Newfoundland in 1915 and a further cable was laid in 1921 between Island Cove, Newfoundland and North Sydney, this being extended to Canso in 1922. All of these cables were manufactured by the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company.

Similar links were done between Sennen Cove and Valentia, Ireland, in 1918, with CS War Simoon carrying out the work; Valentia - Le Havre, France, in 1920, the cable being laid by CS Stephan; and a further Sennen Cove - Valentia cable was laid in 1923 by CS Stephan and CS T. Western Union had a cable station in Penzance, Cornwall, with an underground connection to the landing site at Sennen Cove.

Unable to comply in the normal way, an independent company, Western Union International Inc., was set up in 1963 to take over the operation of all Western Union’s cables. finally abandoned its Atlantic telegraph cables in 1966; the only two in working order at that time were those running via the Azores. Sold in 1924 and used by its new owner for bootlegging. Based at Halifax, Nova Scotia until sold WESTERN UNION Built 1939 Length 96.0 ft. The success of these two applications led to the formation of the International Ocean Telegraph Company.

From that date the company leased circuits A pocket edition of WU code book for use by people travelling abroad, with a list of Western Union offices and code words for common messages. As the name Western Union was still painted on the superstructure and the new owner retained the vessel’s original name, Western Union found itself accused of illicit activities. An Act of Congress passed on granted the company exclusive rights to operate all Cuban traffic for a period of fourteen years.

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WESTERN UNION Western Union became the dominant telegraph company in the USA and entered the submarine cable world in 1873 when it purchased a majority shareholding in the International Ocean Telegraph Company.

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