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Prepare to Have More Than One DTR Talk, But Don’t Overdo It To have a successful Christian relationship, you will need to be clear and honest.

A DTR talk can really help, especially during those seasons of transitioning from one season to another.

You should define the relationship when you need to.

In other words, something probably went wrong if you decide to have a DTR talk but the other person was surprised when you did this.

But let’s say you’ve been on a few dates but you don’t know where it’s going, it’s probably time to ask the guy what his intentions are.

I think the most biblical purpose for dating is to find a spouse. While I don’t think you need to know you want to marry that specific person before you start dating him or her, I do believe you should know if you are in a season where you are willing to work towards marriage in general.A conversation like this might be needed in a variety of situations.A DTR talk can be used to help clarify the confusion between two friends who seem to really like each other but their relationship is stalling in the friendship zone.When I started my dating relationship with my wife, I told her right from the start I would not play games with her heart.I told her that if either of us knew at some point in the relationship that marriage was not right for us, we should not keep dating once that realization was made.

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