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Some victims had ended up in jail, after being unwittingly duped into committing crimes themselves.

Most amazing were the images of scammers boasting about their exploits online, flashing photos of the cash they had stolen and sharing tips with fellow scammers on online forums and Facebook groups.

Even if only one person in a thousand falls for their scams, it’s still worth their time.

Unfortunately, if you are a senior, or even just over 50, then you need to be even more careful.

Statistics show that seniors are not only more likely to have fallen for an online scam, they are more likely to be targeted, and when they lose money, they lose more than their younger peers.

If everything above makes you want to avoid going online altogether, then it shouldn’t.

Security researcher Carlos Brendel Alcañiz first tweeted about the different exploits the variant uses to propagate.

Another Mirai offshoot spotted: A variant of the Echobot botnet was found using over 50 exploits that lead to remote code execution (RCE), arbitrary command execution, and command injection in internet of things (Io T) devices.

My favourite story is that of Maria*, one of our members lost close to ,000 to a scammer from Ghana.

She met me for coffee not long after joining Stitch and showed me a 90-page dossier she had prepared for me.

Discovered by Palo Alto Networks researchers, Echobot was initially found using 18 exploits, followed by an Akamai report that described it incorporating 26 exploits.

Trend Micro also reported about an Echobot variant that targets routers and other Io T devices with multiple exploits.

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