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I find out that having a mobile online job was the best deal for me to move Around Asia and live there.

I'm lucky for having a Ladyboy girlfriend with a decent job knowing the difficulties these ladies have to face in the work market.

I hope my little contribution can open a bit people's mind, turning them more respectful for the human being, as long as he or she is a genuine person.

Last and not the less important, for those men who would like to engage in a long term love story with a ladyboy, but are afraid of what people could say about them.

However, as you can picturing, I had to become the master of myself.

Moving my steps alone, get my direct experience and learn from my mistakes while travelling at the discovery of Asia and dating ladyboys.

I never thought I would become a blogger when I was younger, but today what was just a hobby of the past became my job.

More motivation to pursue this path came out when I met my first ladyboy girlfriend online (on the internet) years ago.

Yes, it is mostly aimed to help out my fellow ladyboy lovers, but not exclusively. Actually, my non-fluent English didn't prevent me from turning my dreams into reality.

I recognised that having a TS GF was the best for me. And I'm now one of the luckiest to have found a beautiful good heart of Filipina TS, and I'm never been happier in my life. hen you have a special girlfriend as mine, you know, is not the easiest of the love relationship.

Because of public opinions, social battles and barriers to face.

The outcome of my latest travelling experience in Asia, and observations while discovering in first person the culture, meeting new friends, people, visiting its amazing lands.

It was in 2015, after a series of round trips, that I moved to Manila, where is stay about 6-9 months a year.

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All the rest you can find on the internet when the topic is "Ladyboys" was all about porn and prostitution. The author of one those nice ladyboy blogs is today a friend of mine (the blonde guy in the pic on the right side, more about that at the end).

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