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One respondent, 33 and married, who has lived her whole life in the country, wrote that dating is not allowed; she does not know anyone using any such apps or websites.

Another, a 29 year-old British expat who is Christian, married and has lived in Saudi Arabia for two years, says that she and her husband had to sneak around.

The river drains the combined waters of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers of Iraq, and the Karun River of Iran.The red dots mark gas flares in oil fields of Iran and Iraq. Dark-colored volcanic cones sprout from an ancient lava field in this high-resolution satellite photo.The field, known as Harrat Al Birk, covers 1,800 sq km (700 sq mi) and is the only volcanic field along Saudi Arabia's Red Sea coastline. The western half of the Arabian peninsula contains not only large expanses of sand and gravel, but extensive lava fields known as haraat (harrat for a named field). Khashoggi's killing sparked concerns that international investors would shun the kingdom, but bond buyers do not appear ready to overlook an investment opportunity in Saudi Arabia — the world's largest oil exporter.Aramco's debut bond sale came shortly after Aramco's planned .1 billion acquisition of a 70% stake in petrochemicals firm Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC) from the Saudi sovereign wealth fund.

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