Dating myths about interracial dating

This doesn't mean that discrimination, fear and inappropriate behavior toward interracial couples doesn't continue to exist; it simply means that the attitudes and beliefs surrounding flawed concepts of race are changing.

Interracial dating is not limited to white and non-white, but can exist between any two persons who self-describe or who are described by others to be of different races. Mallory has been published since 1996, writing books, short stories, articles and essays.

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While online dating has been with us for a while, it still remains a controversial topic.

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In order to bust it, we need to take a look at why online dating became popular.With the growth of interracial marriage, the diversity of the population and the mobility of worldwide populations, the barriers to interracial dating and marriage are diminishing.Barack Obama and Tiger Wood are both children of interracial marriage whose high profile has brought interracial dating out of hiding and into the mainstream of American culture.The American Anthropological Association further notes that there is "greater variation within racial groups than between them." Physical differences are given meaning when one group of people wish to act against another group of people; they are a social invention.Underlying the concept of race is an ancient and erroneous theory called the "Great Chain of Being," a Eurocentric religious idea that God created hierarchies (divisions among people), allowing for dominance and inequality through a justification of divine position.

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