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It is found by following ancient prophecies, embarking on dangerous quests, facing your deepest fears, and finally realizing it was there with you all along. Anyway, it sounds like finding a girlfriend was hard before computers. We have game theory and algorithms, we have Ok Cupid and Excel, and we’re going to optimize the shit out of happily ever after.I am not claiming that love is reducible to numbers-crunching, just that data and math are better guides than most “conventional wisdom” on the subject.

Love is a capricious spark, a miraculous whirlwind."We cannot determine whether more emoji use leads to more dates and sex or vice-versa, however, it is clear that there is a significant association," the scientists said. A new trend has emerged on the dating scene in which a person schedules a date with someone they aren’t really interested in, just to get a free meal.While there is now evidence that using emojis will boost your dating odds rather than sink them, the researchers did caution more research has to be done.The studies look at people sending emojis but it didn't gauge how those emojis were interpreted by the receiver.

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