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They have to make money somehow, but does that somehow really have to be with flashing banner ads for sexy Arab girls?We’re going to go ahead and guess that a lot of women are put off by My Space shots of women on the front page and banner ads for sexy Arab girls on the forum. And our Date Hookup review just doesn’t rank highly.If you are going for free, your options are already limited, but you should still ask yourself important dating questions.What type of girl do you want, and where, and what kind of dating do you want?The site design isn’t exactly stellar, and there aren’t nearly enough women, especially women we’d want to date, using it.So here’s something about Date that sucks: they claim permanent worldwide rights to use any content you post.The layout is boring and centered, with a lot of blank space on either side, the font colors are horrible, and while threads are active, that doesn’t make the responses quality.During our Date Hookup review we learned it is free.

In this case, you get a terrible forum design, lame front page that has three pictures (last time we were there, all three were My Space-type shots), a site design that looks like it was made by a middle-aged paper pusher with a free site generator, and banner ads.Therefore, most of the really big dating sites online are not really free, even if they advertise as such.Choosing the right one form the rest is going to be a big decision.That’s just over one a day for every day we sent five messages a day. That tells us that it’s not the messages we used; it’s Date When we checked out our lowest results, we found that Date ranks between and

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