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I'm not sure how she wants to do it, but she definitely does, she's just scared of repercussions. She will get into very big trouble with her family if she's caught with you.

They will probably make her go back to her country permanently which would mean her education would never get finished. I don't know exactly her circumstances, but honour killings aren't unheard of in cases like this. If she is interested and wants to move forward and he does too, why not?

I've tried talking to her about what she plans to do but I guess it's a touchy subject for her since she hates her culture so much, and I don't want to upset her.

I'd like to just go on a few dates and see what happens, but it seems like it's going to be hard to do.

Work in school as bus assistant for disabled children.Any advice from someone who's gone through something similar or just general advice would be great. Family/culture doesn't allow dating, she would face 'consequences' if she does, but she really wants to date me. The best thing she can do is never go back to her country and get a restraining order for her father and his goons.Edit: Just to make it clear, she wants to break away from this culture. She obviously has to be okay with leaving her family and culture behind for the sake of a western life style. Just to clarify, she definitely does want to leave her family and culture behind for a western lifestyle, there's no questioning that.Love spending time with them and maybe we all meet and get to know each other.Hope you pick me: -) Average height, My Name is Jim Foster, am single and searching, I have been through a lot all my life.

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