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In an interesting turn of events, Emily and Dave supposedly had so much chemistry off screen as IRL boyfriend and girlfriend that the writers of the show cooked up a paternity scandal that made Rebecca and Justin unrelated, so they could have them start dating and eventually get married on the show.However, just like their characters' doomed relationship, Dave and Emily later broke up, and he married actress Odette Annable in 2010.yes she is that is why on the TV show 'Revenge' the characters 'Emily Thorne' and 'Daniel Grayson' are together and Gabriel Mann was originally going to play Daniel Grayson and Joshua Bowman was going to play Nolan but then…Emily Irene Van Camp who was born on the 12th of May 1986 is a Canadian television actress.

He has also gained numerous fans and followers through his acts and performances in movies and TV shows.The cast of Rings - 2005 includes: Justin Allen as Eddie Alexandra Breckenridge as Vanessa Ryan Merriman as Jake Dusty Sorg as Frantic Caller Kelly Stables as Samara Emily Van Camp as Emily Josh Wise as Timothy what does this question even mean? ;] I think they ment Does Emily Emily have sex with any person, which still doesn't make sense so change it to Does Emily…You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Following Everwood's cancellation and the end of her relationship with Chris Pratt, Emily signed on to play Rebecca in Brothers & Sisters in 2007.If the title of the show is any indication, Rebecca was the presumed sister of Justin, played by Dave Annable.

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Some of the shows then hosted by him such as “Late Night with Dave Annable”, “Cardinal Sports”, “Stay Tuned”, “Cardinal Hockey”, “On Campus Live” and “The Roommate Game”.

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