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The 26-year-old English native was once on track to become a soccer star in his home country before an injury changed the trajectory of his career, and he moved to Los Angeles to be a teenage Disney heartthrob instead (which, all things considered, doesn’t seem like such a bad trade). I basically became a loner and lived in America by myself. We sat around a campfire maybe five or six years ago and we said we wanted to make a movie together and after many development meetings and many rewriters and a lot of hard work and a lot of traveling to find money and things like that, we finally did it. Until the camera is rolling, anything can fall out of bed.But he’s settled into Hollywood life quite comfortably, knocking out regular TV roles. Whether it’s a year before, six months before, a week before, the day before.

The two found sparks on the show but it did not last long in real life and the two went their separate ways.

Before Selena Gomez because a huge pop star and girlfriend to the ever infamous Justin Bieber.

She was on a Disney show called "Wizards Of Waverly Place" and starred alongside on screen brother David Henrie, the two had quite the romance before she left to pursue superstardom.

They were just teenagers then and were unknown to most of the world.

These roles launched them into superstardom and their romance was on the front page of the news where everyone watched them fall in love and eventually breakup Both Joe and Demi played major roles in the Camp Rock movies on Disney Channel.

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