Dont women find tall men intimidating

Every girl I've ever dated has said that if I hadn't approached them they would have been too intimidated to talk to me.Apparently if I'm not smiling or laughing I have a "eat shit and die" look on my face.I am sort of a loud asshole and spend enough time drunk in moderately dicey places so that probably should have happened to me by now.I am very scary and intimidating when I have to be.I've been seeing this girl lately and she recently told me that she was really intimidated by me for a while because of my height.I never really thought about my height being intimidating before, though.

I'm just used to being taller than most people so seeing over everyone's heads seems normal to me.

A few people have said they had the impression that I was stuck up before they got to know me, now I try to smile more to people so they don't get that impression Be thankful. Can you help me get this refrigerator/sofa/motorcycle up ten flights of stairs?

If you are tall and unscary or unintimidating, you get asked to do stuff everywhere you go. Can you stand over here and block out the sunlight so we can take a selfie? My all time craziest ask was one that didn't happen to me but to my older brother: Can you pull this anchor [which was caught on a sunken tree] up?

I eventually stopped going because I was tired of the other patrons being more scared of me than they were of the guy with the chainsaw.

Not super tall but wide, thick shoulders, big forearms, thick legs, etc.

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