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Hank takes bets from the townspeople on Loren's survival, and Horace provides a play-by-play while peeking through the clinic window. He stares at their wedding picture which was in the chest and finally tells Dr. Ethan Cooper (Ben Murphy) arrives in Colorado Springs “a reformed man” ready to reconnect with the children he abandoned who are now in Dr. Brian, Colleen, and eventually Matthew are drawn into his orbit, and Michaela feels helpless and confused. After ambushing Black Kettle's camp, General Custer enters the town with wounded soldiers and Indian prisoners, including Cloud Dancing, whom Custer threatens to kill if Dr. Custer then threatens to execute Cloud Dancing if he doesn't give him the information he wants in two days.The townspeople plan a Founders Day Auction to raise money for the new school. Mike joins the ladies’ quilting circle where she clashes with Miss Olive over small pox vaccinations, Dr. Eventually, Ethan reveals himself to be a con man whose real intention is to steal the town's auction proceeds, a scheme foiled by a suspicious Sully. Cloud Dancing is later badly beaten and suffers a dislocated arm which Dr. She goes to Reverend Johnson, but he refuses to speak to Custer.Mike suspects the local water supply has been contaminated by a mining company. Mike run mercury tests on his property, she forces a reluctant Sully to guide her to the high mountain stream which may be the source of the problem. Mike about the baby, who tries to find a home for him, but potential parents prove unwilling or unsuitable. While she is finishing the grave, a brown bear turns up and her horse is frightened off. Matthew buys all of Ingrid's dance tickets, but Ingrid cries when it appears no one wants to dance with her. Mike catches Matthew and Ingrid kissing in the barn, Ingrid has an asthma attack.The trek is difficult for her but she ultimately earns Sully's respect and gratitude after saving his life despite a broken wrist. When she travels to a remote cabin to check on the health of Luke Silver as a favor to the Reverend, she finds him badly mangled from a bear attack. She overjoyed to learn Matthew wanted her all to himself. Mike there is an emergency but the townspeople surprise her with a birthday party. Michaela worries that Matthew might do something he'll regret and they are at odds over his future. Matthew storms off, frustrated by her over-protectiveness and his desire for independence. Mike tries to tell her Sully doesn't love her romantically, but only as a friend.Michaela’s estranged mother, Elizabeth Quinn (Jane Wyman), visits Colorado Springs after receiving a letter from Matthew about how ill Dr. Mike’s home and makes no effort to hide her disapproval of her daughter’s recent career choices and hard life as a frontier physician. Mike’s clinic, formerly the town boarding house, and refuses her offer to buy the property with cash and a loan. Matthew befriends Ingrid, one of the immigrants, and offers her brother Jon work to help feed his family.Mike had gotten during the recent influenza outbreak. While mending fences, Jon comments on the number of cattle Miss Olive has. The town needs a sheriff to handle the charge of cattle rustling, and Kid Cole reluctantly accepts the job. Mike that stealing the cow was his idea and he helped Jon slaughter the cow. Mike offers to pay for the cow, but Olive refuses the money.

She answers an ad for a doctor in the Colorado territory, hoping to continue practicing medicine on her own despite her gender and mother's lack of support.Just as they confirm the water is polluted, they are captured by the miner's men. Meanwhile, Sully is on a similar mission trying to convince Doc Eli’s Kickapoo showman Franklin, actually a disillusioned Cheyenne who survived a massacre, to rejoin his own people in their continuing fight for survival. Mike takes in Red Mc Call (John Schneider), a down-and-out cowboy, and his ailing "half-breed" infant boy. He then shyly confesses to Ingrid that he doesn't know how to dance. Quinn sends her daughter some items from her hope chest in honor of her 35th birthday, Dr. Matthew sets out to prove to others and himself that he is a grown man ready to take on life. After talking with Sully, Matthew undertakes a "vision quest," a Cheyenne ceremony in which a man searches for direction. Mike that she became a doctor and came out to Colorado Springs despite her mother's disapproval. Sully ultimately has a heart-to-heart talk with Colleen, telling her she is pretty, smart and funny, and he doesn’t want to be her hero but he wants to be her friend.At Brian's and Robert E's suggestion, Olive backs Grace's new venture, "Grace's Cafe". Mike saves the day by curing the mine owner's son, who has fallen victim to the poisoned water, and convincing the owner to close the mine. Mike tries to help Doc Eli deal with his past demons as she needs him to perform the operation on Myra, which he’s done many times but she hasn’t. Mike has a tearful breakdown and admits she feels lonely. He gets a shave at Jakes’s barber shop then a drink at Hank's saloon, and he is caught by Dr. Matthew decides he is going to save money and build a house before marrying Ingrid. Mike gives him the engagement ring her fiancee, a doctor who died in the Civil War, gave her. Mike discovers Hank has been eating meat infected with trichinosis. She weeps as she realizes that she can't love Sully the way she wants. Mike, angry with Sully for not watching Brian more carefully, is relieved to find no signs of injury.In school, Olive sees the drawing Brian found and thinks he drew it. When Sully and Brian go looking for Zack, they find him at Mrs. Brian tells Zack everyone cries when they lose people they love, and Zack breaks down and is comforted by Brian. Mike is frustrated in her attempts to find a medical diagnosis and cure for Zack's condition. Zack gives Hank a drawing he made of a beautiful woman, and Hank stares at it then weeps quietly. David Watkins (Kenny Rogers), a civil war photographer, arrives in Colorado Springs. Mike suggests taking a portrait of the town and an argument ensues over who will be in it, due to bigotry among some of the more prominent townsfolk. Mike diagnoses David's diabetes mellitus and is frustrated that he refuses treatment and will ultimately go blind.When Horace introduces Myra to his ailing mother, she is furious when she recognizes her and tells Myra and Horace to get out. Mike's advice he takes separate portraits of the townspeople.

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