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Live Zilla – No relation to Mozilla, Live Zilla is one of the more substantial, robust and varied chat scripts.

It works on mobile, it works with repeat customer chat histories, it’s quick and easy to install, and it even has a ticket system for advanced support.

Pure Chat – A quick and easy to install chat used by over 150,000 businesses, this script host recently added the ability to create a personal chat for a personal profile page.

Want to set up a direct line to a particular person in your business? Pure Chat only has one drawback, and that’s the limitations on the free version.

A lot of what you’re doing in marketing is getting people to trust your site, when you’re not there to reassure them. Testimonials and logos of prominent companies are both signs that your business can be trusted.

Go back to the start of this section, to the basic premise.

A cynical web user might wonder if such techniques ever work.

It makes it particularly easy for one operator to manage several simultaneous conversations.Here are some I’ve found that do most anything you could want.Live Chat Script – Appropriately and simply named, this chat script suffers from a somewhat poorly planned website.You can only have one widget active and you’re limited in both the number of monthly chats and the saved chat history.Still, the paid version is only a month, which is incredibly trivial for the benefits a chat brings to the table.

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According to Unbounce, specifically using their chat script, the mere presence of the script is reassuring and beneficial.

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