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It has the near unanimous support of all of the fellows of TTRSTF , who will harrumph about it and support what, when pressed, they will refer to as conjecture, because the term conjecture sounds so much more scientific than the term very popular wild assed guess.

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We cannot know with any certainty the age of most of the geological strata that is available to man for viewing.

I would still, however tentatively, tend to agree with a given, millions-of-years-old, Earth strata-age that enjoys near unanimous scientific support. Because I can't come up with a better scientific guess than they can, and it's their field, not mine.

This, alone, should tell us something very important about today’s recognized scientific community.

Nevertheless, there is such a thing as a real scientist, and real science is still being done. Note well that, when modern scientists speak of cosmic distances between celestial objects, and the velocities at which such objects are moving toward or away from us, they stand on much firmer empirical evidences for their statements than when they are speaking of the age of an ancient bone fragment or fossilized leaf.

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With the discovery, they conclude that Samarium could turn up to be Neodymium in 106 billion years.

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