Excel 2016 consolidating cells

Example: A1 = John, B1 = Smith, C1 = 0John Smith Owes 0 =CONCAT(B1, " ", A1, " owes $", C1)Note that in this example, the third column is formatted for currency.

With Excel 2016, Microsoft replaced the CONCATENATE function with the CONCAT function.

That way, Excel will update the value for you whenever you open the workbook.

If multiple worksheets hold related values, you can use links to summarize those values in a single worksheet.

In addition to creating a workbook template, you can add a worksheet based on a worksheet template to your workbook by using the Insert dialog box.

The Spreadsheet Solutions tab contains a set of useful templates for a variety of financial and personal tasks.

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You can leave the workbook’s labels to aid in data entry, but you should remove any existing data from a workbook that you save as a template, both to avoid data entry errors and to remove any confusion as to whether the workbook is a template.

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