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To get started, register with the site, upload a photo, and answer a series of questions like, "Do you consider yourself a flirt? " For more details on how Visual Friend works, keep reading.

Once you're registered with the site, browse profiles to find another user to chat with.

As soon as I got the confidence to strip down for long distance lovers, Skype, Face Time and Whats App became my go-tos for the virtual Big-O.

What was once awkward and intimidating put a seductive visual twist on “it’s good to hear your voice.” Think phone sex or sexting, but on steroids.

This is an adult category, and nudity is not only allowed - it is a given!

When you’re dating/seeing/screwing people who live in far off places, you have to resort to desperate, I mean, , more creative measures.

And if you’re a human with a high sex drive, Kik chat, text and Facebook messages don’t entirely cut it in the pleasure department.

Still, it doesn’t stop me from creating a space in which I feel sexy.

I generally don’t need to make my bed for cybersex, but will light a candle, adjust my lighting, and if I’m feeling especially frisky, put on some Al Green in the background.

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