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We have never dealt with infidelity on my part or his.

But we did deal with limited communication and time spent with each other. Money was only a slight issue, as I am not a good saver and he wished I was. As for jealousy, he said (at first) I could do what I wanted.

Jealousy was big for me at first, because I didn't know what he was doing or if he was talking to or seeing other women.

After I started to visit him, I knew he was the one and he put my mind to rest.

Woman C: I was attracted to his looks from the photo he sent in the mail.

A back and forth exchange blossomed into a connection.Once it did start growing into love, I never fought against it as it just happened over time. I am an Army brat, so my young life was always filled with adventure and different situations. Woman A: We were in a monogamous and exclusive relationship while he was incarcerated.I fell for him through letters and phone calls and slowly grew to adore him. Woman B: We’re monogamous, and have been throughout 14 years.Nowadays, I'd imagine there are many more security measures in place.Woman C: Sex only happened once he was in a work-release prison. A lot of people in one of the prisons would go into a small utility closet to have sex.

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This was 14 years ago, so we strictly used snail mail.

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